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About Us

April 13, 2020

4DPocket, Inc. is a privately-owned business organization dealing with manufacture, design planning and trading of goods. It was born from the ideal of a clean, healthy Philippine Society burgeoning with new concepts, where the creative is in perfect harmony with innovation and children are given the chance to explore the impossible.Through careful choice of the products that we put in the market, by introducing high quality inventive items that titillate the imagination we aim to do our share to alleviate the problems besieging our society such as lack of education, low quality of life and poverty.

We establish strong ties, foster close relationships and excellent communication with our partner manufacturers local and abroad to create a commercial flow exceeding expectation and goals. And we go the extra mile to consult on product development and design to help our suppliers keep abreast of the fast changing, highly competitive market in the country.

As a family-owned business enterprise, 4DPocket, Inc. answers to the needs and wants of people from all walks of life regardless of age and orientation. Whether through online ordering system or actual transaction from our facility, purchase of an item from our company is a fruitful experience for our clients.

Visit us. Be amazed.

We look forward to welcoming you.

OUR MISSION: To offer a unique retail experience for the Filipino people by providing the best innovative, sustainable products, and help cutlivate a safe and healthy environment and society for future generations.

OUR VISION: 4DPocket, Inc. will be the cornerstone of conscientious design planning, manufacturing and retail trading by introducing sustainable, eco-friendly products to educated and inspire the creative.

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